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Mazda BT-50

Looking at this automobile you ask yourself a question: why did they change the name and called a new B-series a BT-50? Who and why needed this? I cannot believe that they couldn't find some other name for this beautiful pickup with a bird on the hood!

Mazda Company quickly explained everything: they did spent a lot of time trying to invent a name and 50 is just a nice number they liked. It is all that simple therefore you don't have to waste time trying to figure out what it all about is.

Mazda BT-50 is a pickup with a Double Cab body. It is a multi-purpose all-wheel drive off-roader designed to assure comfortable ride and commercial usage.

It is a truly many-sided car: it is a "cargo vehicle" and at the same time it is a "posh thing" for people that know themselves and their needs.

The Japanese produced a role model for the Chinese who produce lots of cheap pickups of relatively low quality and therefore they made Chinese dream to become the world leaders in automobile industry even less feasible.

It looks like BT-50 is a rocket model that is to leave Solar system and to uphold the prestige of the Earth judging by its cabin and saloon.

That is why Mazda BT-50 is much more than just a pickup. Amazing design gives away uncompromissing performance specifications. Mazda BT-50 will become your functional and reliable friend and it will make you feel at home on the road, on the highway, and on the cross country. Outstanding steerability makes you enjoy the ride and the pleasure you take in driving it cannot be compared with that one may take in driving any other pickup.

This automobile is incredibly luxurious and can be compared with motor cars if taking its smooth running and long list of accessories into consideration.

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